Good habits in children. Say hello goodbye and thank you

Good habits in children. Say hello goodbye and thank you

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At first we may not care. Children when they are young, do not think about saying hello. Nor in giving thanks when they receive something. Good manners are, like the rules, something they must learn, little by little. It is one more subject. And parents, in this subject, are their main teachers. Remember that children are often our reflection.

Gratitude is one of the main values ​​that our children must learn. Children, as a general rule, are selfish. That is why it will be difficult for them to understand that when they receive something, they should give thanks. Especially if they are small. Before the age of two, they will repeat the word but will not understand what it means. As they get older, they will begin to appreciate the word 'thank you'.

- Explain that if someone does something for us, we should reward them with a 'thank you'. Be it a physical gift or something immaterial. Eventually they must realize that receiving a kiss from their grandmother is as or more gratifying than receiving a gift.

- Giving thanks for something is positive reinforcement. Also a tool to increase the self-esteem of your children. Be grateful for the little things they do: pick up their toys, help you set the table ... This way they will understand the meaning of the word, while feeling useful and autonomous.

Tell 'Hello' Y 'goodbye' It is a gesture of courtesy that children they must learn from a young age. Think of it as a basic standard of education. It is part of the most basic communication between people. If you want your child to grow up to be a person Sociable, you must understand that greeting is a basic principle. Express respect and cordiality.

How to teach him to say hello? When someone walks by and you greet them, remind your child to do so. What should he also say 'Hello' Y 'goodbye' to your friends. But beware, there are children who do not want to say hello out of shyness, who hide behind their parents because they are 'ashamed'. In those cases, do not force him, much less humiliate him with phrases such as 'this child has turned out very strange'. Then explain the importance of greeting others and being nice. Little by little he will assimilate it. Give it time.

Everything that your children learn as children will help them grow as a sociable and confident adult. When he is older, he will know how to relate to others and will not be afraid to show himself as he is. If you want your child to be a happy adult, you will have to impose from childhood some rules. If you let him do what he wants, when he grows up he will not know how to face real life. Saying hello and thanking are basic rules of behavior and relationships between people. And remember, the best way for your children to learn is by setting an example.

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