10 names of Gaelic origin for boys

10 names of Gaelic origin for boys

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If your future baby is going to be a boy, from here we suggest these ten names from the Irish and Scottish Gaelic languages.

Its sound and meaning This means that they are used more and more regularly, although in Spanish some of them are still used very occasionally.

1. Adair: its meaning is linked to the oak tree. For the Irish Celts this tree was considered sacred. According to the legends, it is the only tree that snakes do not approach.

2. Adam: its meaning is related to the red earth making mention of the first man made of clay. It refers to the first man: Adam. Among the celebrities who have this name we can highlight the American actor Adam Sandler. It has different variants in several languages: it is Spanish is Adánez, in Russian Adamov, in Polish Adamski and in English Adamson, among others.

3. Ailin: this name means handsome, beautiful and is derived from Alan. It has a feminine variant which is Aylin which means transparent and clear.

4. Say: a name whose meaning is son of the sea. Dylan and Dilon variations accepted. We can highlight the American singer Bob Dylan.

5. Justin: Justin means the one who is fair. In recent years this name has become popular thanks to the Canadian singer Justin Bieber, and the children's animated film 'Justin and the sword of courage'.

6. Kirian: its meaning is linked to the darkness that the baby lives before birth, inside the womb.

7. Kevin: Kevin has different meanings such as soft, attractive, beautiful child, beautiful. It is a name widely used in countries such as the United States, Ireland or Norway among others. We can highlight the American film and theater actor Kevin Bacon or the American actor and director Kevin Costner, among others, as celebrities who have popularized this name of Gaelic origin.

8. Liam: is the abbreviated form of the name of William (Guillermo). Its meaning is related to protection. One of the actors who has popularized this name is the British actor William John Neeson.

9. Melvin: its meaning is 'good friend'. Among its variants we can highlight the name of Malvin.

10. Niall: It comes from Gaelic with origins also from Scottish, Celtic and English. Its meaning is 'champion'. It is related to a dynasty of Irish kings. Among the celebrities who have popularized this name we can highlight the Irish singer Niall Horan, currently a member of the boy band One Direction.

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