How will my baby be when it is born

How will my baby be when it is born

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What eye color will my baby have? Will he be blonde or brown? Will he have a little hole in his chin like daddy? ... These are questions parents ask themselves from the moment they test positive of pregnancy.

There is a great curiosity to know who the baby will look like and that is that, no matter how much an ultrasound shows us his face, we will not be able to get a definitive idea until he is born, and we will even have to wait a few weeks since babies change a lot during the first days.

DNA is what defines the baby's appearance, but what is DNA? It is a double strand that spreads out in a spiral and consists of about 30,000 genes. DNA is organized into structures called chromosomes.

During fertilization the 23 chromosomes from the mother's egg join the 23 chromosomes from the father's sperm. This fusion produces a unique and unrepeatable combination of 46 chromosomes. No other person in the world, not even a family member will have the same DNA, except for identical twins.

The newborn baby will have half the genes inherited from its mother and half from the father. But, it is possible that the baby looks more physically like one or the other, why? Some genes are stronger than others and 'win the game' over others.

- The eyes: In the case of the eyes, even if the baby inherits the eye color gene from both parents, the color will be defined by the dominant gene. That is, brown eyes have a dominant character and blue or green recessive. That is, if one parent has light eyes and the other dark, the baby is more likely to have dark eyes. If both have brown eyes, the baby will have them of the same color, although there may be surprises if an ancestor had light eyes.

- Skin color: In the same case, there is brown skin, which is dominant compared to fair skin, and even the baldness gene is dominant in men and recessive in women.

- Height: When it comes to the height of the baby, genetics have a lot to say. If the parents are tall, it is possible that the baby is also older, in the same way if they are short. However, genetics alone will not define the height of the child, other factors also intervene such as nutrition or possible diseases that they may suffer.

- Intelligence: Scientists do not agree on whether intelligence is inherited or the product of education and the environment in which the child grows and evolves. The reality is that there are cases of all kinds: children with an intelligence quotient of a gifted child of parents with normal intelligence or vice versa.

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