Why do children's eyes itch and sting in the pool

Why do children's eyes itch and sting in the pool

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How many times have you asked your children not to open their eyes underwater in the pool? I never tire of repeating it and even then, there is no way. They insist on diving with their eyes open if they don't have their goggles handy and end up with red, itchy eyes.

Maybe it's time to tell them what hides the water in the pools that makes the eyes red, and is that, although there are those who think it is due to contact with chlorine, this is not the only reason ... The truth is much more unpleasant.

Chlorine has always been blamed for being the cause of itchiness and red eyes in swimming pools, however today it is known that it is not the only reason. Different studies and analyzes have found the true cause.

The reality is that urine or rather the nitrogen in the pee mixes with the chlorine and they form a compound called chloramine. This added to sweat and other debris and organic fluids present in the water cause itching and redness of the eyes.

Chlorine is a chemical agent that is poured into water to kill bacteria and viruses, as well as to prevent the formation of green algae. Definitely, It is a disinfectant that turns elements such as human remains, algae and other dirt from the environment into gas.

However, a very high quantity cannot be poured because it would be harmful to human beings, in this way, it does not radically end urine, organic fluids, sweat, skin, creams or other substances that, willingly or not, we leave when entering in water.

The only way to avoid all these extras that cause the redness in the eyes and in other cases, diarrhea and stomach problems In children, when swallowing the water, it is necessary to maintain minimum hygiene measures:

- Do not take the pool as a urinal, and educate our children so that they assume it.

- Do not spit in the water.

- Do not take advantage of the bathroom to clean our nostrils.

- Use waterproof sun creams.

- Always shower before entering.

- Do not use the pool to wash.

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