Causes of aggressive behavior in children

Causes of aggressive behavior in children

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In childhood, attacks of aggression are normal. Aggressive behaviors are intentional behaviors that can cause harm, either physical or mental.

Behaviors such as hitting others, offending them, making fun of them, having tantrums or using inappropriate words to call others are part of childhood aggressiveness. When some children persist in their aggressive behavior and are unable to control their strong temper, they may feel frustrated causing suffering and the rejection of others.

According to experts, frustration facilitates aggression and is an excellent breeding ground for aggressive behaviors to develop in children. The aggressive behavior of the child is normal, but the problem is knowing how to control it. Many times, the child provokes an adult so that he can intervene in his place and control his aggressive impulses, since he cannot cope.

Therefore, the child needs a "don't do that" or "stop with it." Children sometimes ask for a fight. It's like borrowing a control from your father or mother. In the same way that parents teach their children to walk, talk or eat, they must also teach them to control their aggressiveness.

- Be careful not to return your aggressiveness with another aggressiveness. Social learning theory states that aggressive behaviors can be learned by imitating or observing the behavior of aggressive role models. It is very important, for example, that the child has and finds a good role model in his parents.

- Children relate to others in the same way as their parents. If they maintain a calm relationship with others, the child will behave in the same way in front of his friends. If the relationship is rather hostile, the child will probably follow this pattern of behavior.

- Educating children is a difficult task, which requires work. But it's worth trying to get it right maintain balance and seek consensus among parents so that double communication failures do not occur in the child's education. If one parent allows everything and the other nothing, it will confuse the child and they will probably rebel.

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