Why does my son sleep with his mouth open

Why does my son sleep with his mouth open

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How sweet it is to see a child sleep, right? Huddled between the sheets, dreaming of chocolate candies, breathing softly and deeply ... Or not? Some children do not present this idyllic picture, they sleep with their mouths open, sometimes they even snore like adults and have irregular breathing even reaching apnea. Why do some children sleep with their mouths open and what problems does it entail?

We have all seen the image of a person asleep in the subway or on the bus, with their head smashed against the window and their mouth open. An embarrassing situation in which nobody wants to be the protagonist. Well, this not only happens to adults, children also sleep with their mouths open, they also stifle while they sleep and even ... they snore like adults!

Sleeping with your mouth openHowever, it is not funny at all, it can cause dental malocclusion, dry mouth and therefore a greater propensity for gum disease, hoarseness, headaches, sleep apnea ...

There are several causes that explain why some children sleep with their mouths open and they even snore or stop breathing for a few seconds:

- Vegetations: the child always seems to have snot, breathes badly during the day but worsens when sleeping. Despite washing his nose, the snot does not come out and he continues to breathe badly.

- Overweight: obese children have much more difficulty breathing, which is also worse when lying down.

- The position when sleeping: there are postures that are more likely to end with the mouth open, if the child sleeps on his back or without a pillow, it is more likely that the mouth ends open.

- Infections or viruses: Children with catarrhal processes or flu tend to open their mouths because their nostrils are blocked.

- Nasal deviation: sometimes a defect in one of the breasts or a deviated septum is the cause.

- Place the child on his side.

- Use sea water or a saline solution to clean the nostrils.

- Visit the doctor so that he can treat if you have sleep apnea or have to treat vegetations or deviated septum.

- Exist infant nasal strips to open pits and relieve congestion.

- If the reason is overweight, losing weight will help the child to be able to rest better at night.

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