Saint Benedict's Day, July 11. Names for boys

Saint Benedict's Day, July 11. Names for boys

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Benito is a name for a boy of Latin origin that means 'the one who receives a good name'. A name that results from the contraction of another, Benedict, and both can be perfect for your child if you like those traditional names that impress distinction.

He celebrates his name day on July 11, which is the day of San Benito.

The name Benito endows the child who carries it with a helpful and helpful character to others. Thus, Benito is a fundamental person in his circle of friends and in the family environment, always ready to solve any problem. In addition, Benito is sensitive and emotional, which does not prevent him from being strong and energetic if the situation requires it.

Although your child's name is known in all languages, it is more common in Spanish-speaking countries and in Italy. Both Benito and Benedicto are very familiar, but rare, boy names, so despite their tradition, they remain original. We also know its form in English, Benedict, and in Catalan, Benet, both also used as a surname.

Benito is familiar to us thanks to famous people such as the Basque singer-songwriter Benito Lertxundi or one of the pioneering Spanish filmmakers, Benito Perojo. In the world of cinema we find another Benito, the screenwriter Benito Zambrano whose most recognized work was the script for "The Sleeping Voice", a film that was nominated for an Oscar. And we cannot forget, the former Real Madrid coach, Benito Floro.

But there are two great figures who have carried the name of your son very high. One we like less, that of the dictator who was the prime minister of Italy, Benito Mussini, famous for his participation in World War II and one of the greatest precursors of fascism. We more like another figure named Benito, in this case of letters, such as Benito Pérez Galdós, with works such as 'Fortunata y Jacinta' or 'Doña Perfecta', fundamental in the history of literature.

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