Would a man resist the pain of childbirth? A journalist experiences them

Would a man resist the pain of childbirth? A journalist experiences them

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Women have wondered many times what would happen to humanity if it were men who had to give birth. Would they endure 40 weeks of pregnancy? Would they suffer the discomfort of pregnancy? And above all, could they cope with the pain of contractions and childbirth? An Irish journalist has decided to undergo a curious test to answer some of these questions. Henry McKean endured for two hours and fifteen minutes through a simulator the pain of childbirth.

Curiosity about what women feel during labor has led radio host Henry McKean to go through a similar experience. Electrodes were attached to her abdomen that simulated pain from contractions.. This test was carried out by experts in a maternity hospital in Amsterdam, who monitored him while the man suffered labor pains.

McKean's yelling and screaming for more than two hours ended with this explanation: 'it was like having 100 electric toothbrushes inside your belly, with many Lego figures kicking you at the same time'. The journalist said he felt exhausted at the end of the process and panicked that the painful contractions would repeat themselves.

The journalist from now on has an incredible story to tell and an unforgettable memory. However, it is not the first experience of this kind, a few months ago two Dutch people, Dennis Storm and Valerio Zena, experienced labor pains using a simulator during a television program called Proefkonijnen. One of them described the experience as 'torture'.

I have seen how the people to whom I have shown this video smiled when they saw the journalist writhe in pain, especially the women, and it is that, after all, we find a certain pleasure when seeing men putting themselves in our place in such a delicate moment, at least for two hours and fifteen minutes.

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