Promotion in every store means something different

Promotion in every store means something different

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Don't be fooled by apparent deals. Buy really cheaper! Save on products for children. We track real promotions for you. Just a moment to go for really cheap shopping. Welcome!


  • Nestle porridge for children in Real for PLN 5.49.
  • Nestle functional porridges in Rossmann at PLN 9.99 instead of PLN 11.49 for a 250 g package.
  • Hipp dishes for children in Real for PLN 4.79 per pack. In Rossmann, on the other hand, for PLN 4.99. At Super-Pharm we will pay PLN 8.99 for two jars.
  • Doremi children's dishes in Real at PLN 9.99 for two jars. And at Super-Pharm we will pay 5.99 zlotys for one jar
  • Gerber children's dessert 190 g in Real at PLN 7.99 for 2 pieces.
  • BoboVita children's dessert 125 grams in Rossmann for 2.29 PLN instead of 2.99 PLN.
  • BoboVita dinner in Rossmann at PLN 4.19 instead of PLN 4.99 190 g.
  • Gerber children's dish for 2 pieces 190 g in Real we will pay 8.29 zlotys.
  • Juice or nectar for children BoboFrut in Real at PLN 10.49 for four bottles.
  • any two Junior Nestle milk in Rossmann for 26.99 PLN.


  • Pampers diapers different types (44/54/62 pieces one pack) for PLN 33 in Lidl instead of PLN 39.99. The same diapers in Kaufland for PLN 37.89 instead of PLN 40.99. Whereas Real offers these nappies for PLN 38.95 (when buying two packs). At Super-Pharm, these diapers with a LifeStyle card for PLN 37.99 and without a card for PLN 39.99. At Drogeria Natura Pampers nappies at PLN 37.99.
  • Pampers duo wipes in Kaufland for PLN 10.49 instead of PLN 14.09.
  • Pampers wipes 6 packages in Real for PLN 25.95.
  • wet wipes for children and babies at Auchan for PLN 2.95 instead of PLN 3.69 for one pack.
  • Johnson's Baby baby wipes at Super-Pharm with a LifeStyle card for PLN 18.49 for 4 packs instead of PLN 26.
  • Cleanic Kindii wet wipes in Real at PLN 25.99 for 6 packs.
  • Babydream wet wipes in Rossmann 4 packs for PLN 13.99 instead of PLN 15.99.
  • Jelp powder in Lidl at a price of 25.99 PLN for one package (1 kg - 16.24 PLN),
  • Lovela washing powder or Lovela washing liquid (1.8 kg or 1.5 l) for PLN 19.99 in Real. Whereas in Carrefour Lovela with a capacity of 3.6 kg and 3 l available for 34.99 PLN.
  • Wickies Baby baby shampoo and gel in Kaufland for PLN 2.99.
  • Perfecta Mama bust care cream in Rossmann for PLN 13.99 instead of PLN 17.99.
  • Ziajka products for children at Super-Pharm at a price of -15%.
  • Canpol Babies breast pads at Super-Pharm for PLN 17.99 instead of PLN 24.99.

Accessories and toys

  • Sand set 14 pcs. in Rossmann for PLN 14.99
  • Nuk soothers at Super Pharm 20% cheaper
  • I have cheaper bottles at Super-Pharm: silky silicon medium flow at PLN 16.99 and fast flow at PLN 19.99

Promotion time
Lidl 13.05-19.05.2013
Kaufland 9.05-15.05.2013
Auchan 09.05-14.05.2013
Real from 9.05-15.05.2013
Tesco 9.05-15.05.2013
Net 9.05-12.05.2013
Polo Market 8.05-14.05.2013
Carrefour 9.05-20.05.2013
Rossmann from 10/05/2013
Super-Pharm 9.05-22.05.2013
Drogeria Natura 9.05-22.05.2013


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