Why Children Should Read Fables

Why Children Should Read Fables

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Parents should encourage reading from the earliest stages of childhood. Reading will bring you many benefits and all good ones. Even before they know how to read, we can read stories and stories to them, and thus lay the foundations for the child to become a good reader.

One of the readings that we can do with children is the fables, it is about short stories, written in both verse and prose, whose main characters are usually animals or inanimate objects that have human characteristics. The intention of the fable is to teach, educate and learn, therefore all they contain a moral.

1- They teach values: Through the fables, the children will learn values ​​such as empathy, generosity, solidarity, kindness or effort.

2- Children learn to differentiate the good from the bad. In fables characters often appear to whom bad things happen when their behavior has been negative and vice versa.

3- They stimulate the love of reading: they are short stories, easy to read and understand so they are a great vehicle to introduce children to the pleasure of reading.

4- They encourage reflection: the fables end with a final moral that encourages the child to think and reflect on what is happening, therefore also stimulate the child's thinking and critical capacity.

5- They stimulate creativity and imagination: these stories are usually carried out by animals that act like people. This helps the child to make his imagination work.

6- Connect the children with the animals: helps children to develop affection for animals, and by extension, to behave responsibly and kindly to them.

7- For any age: there is no specific age to read fables. They are for children and adults and can accompany the child throughout its development.

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