Sun creams for babies and children

Sun creams for babies and children

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Sun creams for babies and children or sun protection lotions made especially for infants, babies or young children contain the same protective substances that are used for adults, but the difference is that they are not perfumed and their formulation base is softer.

Although sunscreen creams can be used safely on babies, below 6 months sun creams can be irritating due to the sensitive characteristics of their skin. Sunbathing in moderation is beneficial, but in excess and in the middle of the day can be dangerous. Avoid exposing babies and young children directly to the sun, avoid midday hours, which are the worst, and if in doubt, between two sun protection rates for your children, always choose the highest.

The most effective sun protection factor for babies and children is equal to or greater than 30. It is important to bear in mind that the skin of children, as it has less melanin, is more sensitive than the skin of adults to solar radiation and it has fewer defense mechanisms. The sunscreens with the highest coverage for the skin are "broad spectrum." They are so called because they block both UVA and UVB rays.

In young children it is advisable to use an SPF of 30 or more and never with an index lower than 15. Keep in mind that the higher the SPF, the more protection it provides. To correctly interpret the numbers of the FPS indexes, it must be taken into account that the difference between a filter with FPS 15 and another with FPS 30 is not twice the protection. A sunscreen with SPF 15 leaves out 93.3 percent of UVB radiation, while another with SPF 30+ will add 3 percent more removal or absorption of those UVB rays.

In creams, sprays, gels, bars, lotions, milks or oils, the market offers a wide range of presentations of sunscreen. But which one is the most appropriate for children

- Creams and milks, which contain moisturizing agents in their composition, are the most suitable sunscreen for babies and children. Alcoholic solutions, which are present in lotions and gels, have a drying effect that should be avoided on children's skin and which, on the other hand, is recommended for oily or acne-prone skin.

- Children's lines. They are specially designed for the delicate skin of the baby or child and are the most suitable for them. You can also use those formulated for sensitive skin.

- Water resistant presentations they are always the most suitable choice for children. These protectors are designed to last longer than others in the water during the bath or in the case of profuse sweating during physical activity.

- Total screen creams, formulated based on zinc, they block perspiration and perspiration of the skin, therefore, its use should be aimed at protecting specific areas such as the nose or the upper part of the ears.

- The different brands They offer a wide variety of formulations in the composition with different excipients. For this reason, it is worth trying several brands, if one of them causes skin irritation.

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