Babies' first birthday party

Babies' first birthday party

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The a son's first birthday party it is never forgotten. The first year of a baby's life, as well as the other years, are very important for its development. A birthday party, no matter how simple, helps the baby to lose his fear of people and to entertain himself with the family and to have fun being the center of attention. If you are going to celebrate your baby's first birthday, first: Congratulations! Now to concentrate on the big day, on the organization and preparation of the most special first moment for everyone.

There are many possibilities to celebrate the first birthday. The important thing is that the illusion is not lacking. Here are some tips:

1- Set the day and time of the party, and make the guest list: your baby's friends with their parents, and especially the family.

2- Make or buy invitations cards. There are parents who like to make personalized invitation cards, with the baby's photo and a summary of the first year of his life, and why they want to celebrate it. Others stamp the baby's hands in colors on a cardboard. And others, due to lack of time, prefer to go directly to the point. There are a wide variety of cards to choose from on the market. Deliver the card a week in advance, and better in person.

3- Choose the theme for party decoration. There are a lot of houses specialized in party utensils. There you can find napkins, straws, plates and glasses, piñatas, tablecloths, cutlery, balloons and an infinity of personalized objects, of various themes: Winnie the pooh, Pocoyo, Teletubbies, Sesame Street, Dumbo, Bambi, etc.

4- Make a assortment of foods. Keep in mind that at a baby shower the parents are the ones who are fed. Prepare an assortment of sweets and savory that can be served comfortably. For your child's little friends, you can prepare natural fruit juices, fruit yogurts, jellies, some homemade cookies and / or muffins. For parents, you can prepare canapés, sandwiches, omelettes, chips, snacks, and don't forget the drinks, and above all, the cake with a candle, so that the baby can enjoy the emotion of turn off your first candle.

5- A great idea for the occasion is to do photos and videos of your son, so that he can see himself when he was little.

6- As for the activities for babies, in addition to surprising them with the piñata, use a small table or line part of the floor with a tablecloth, to establish a space for them to scribble with crayons and / or shape the clay. Apart from that, you can also entertain the little ones with songs and dances. For example, "The patio of my house", "Under a button", "Let it rain, let it rain ...", "The potato run", and "A fat lady", and others.

7- And as a souvenir of the party, you can give the little guests a balloon. They will be delighted.

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