Favorite books of children ages 3 to 6

Favorite books of children ages 3 to 6

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Children between 3 and 6 years old have autonomy, which allows them to choose the books and subjects they like. The favorite books of children ages 3 to 6 can be very varied. Your initiative and your preferences must always be respected. Of course, parents have to monitor their choices and guide them, if necessary, with the help of professionals: their teachers, library professionals and booksellers.

At these ages, what older people like, that is, their brothers, their cousins ​​or their neighbors, has a lot of prestige. But it will be necessary to assess whether that 'best-selling' book that fascinates 9-year-olds is the right one for the child's age. Or better, if the 6-year-old has the necessary maturity to enjoy that magnificent story.

Fortunately, most collections of children's literature put a recommended age range that is very indicative for parents when choosing. A quick look at the back cover of the book, the back part in which a summary of the story is made, is also decisive. Parents know the personality and character of their child and can calculate what he likes best.

When we look for the most suitable reading for children from 3 to 6 years old, different aspects should be taken into account:

1. The level of the texts, since they cannot be very difficult to understand because they would kill the interest of the reader or listener.

2. The fonts. You also have to pay attention to the typefaces that appear because there are very beautiful letters, but very complicated and do not invite the child to take interest in deciphering the texts.

3. The style of the illustrations. It is another aspect to take into account since it must always be in accordance with the child's tastes and his age: there are illustrations that are works of art, but they are very complicated, abstract, gloomy ... the child does not have easy reading of images and that is a very important aspect to take care of.

4. The themes. A book may have an interesting plot, but a complicated plot or an unattractive subject. In this regard, magazines have a lot to say: they offer different sections that are not very long, with photos and different styles of illustration and with different themes (also with games) so that the child can choose what they want the most at each moment according to your state of mind and your level of fatigue. Sometimes a story seems very long, but a comic offers the ideal balance between text and image and is very easy to follow from beginning to end.

Many parents, when they think of reading for children, think of books: I advise not to forget the magazines. They have a lot to contribute in the formation of a child reader and in their love of reading.

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