The first time the child goes to school

The first time the child goes to school

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Surely you have ever felt identified with what a mother tells us who is preparing her son to go to school. It will be the first time that he will be away from home, so even though his mother has bought him new colored pencils, curious notebooks and a whole arsenal of materials to encourage him, he repeats over and over again: “Mom, I don't want to go to school ”. Bufff ... how many times have I heard that when my daughter was little ...!

Look at the chance that these days, a friend who finds herself in the same situation with her young son, sends me this funny illustration to share with you. Besides being funny, I find it very curious and an invitation to reflection. Makes me remember that To understand some of our children's behaviors there is no better way than to put ourselves in their place.

- Come on son, you'll see how well you're going to have at school, you're going to make friends, you're going to learn a lot of things ...

That's what we all say, right? And even so, many children go away crying, screaming ... and there is no one to reassure them, that is clear. And parents, who relaxes them? When a child goes to school or college for the first time, some also suffer from having to quit, for fear that their little one will not enjoy, but all this is part of the child's adaptation to a new reality, and we have to help him and understand him.

If there is any magic formula so that the adaptation of children to school or college is the best possible, I think it is the positive parenting behavior. Do you remember your first day at work? The nerves, the expectation, the doubts and the misgivings you had about what you were going to find, if you were going to do it right ... Well, imagine that what your son feels is almost the same, with the difference that he still hasn't he knows how to defend himself and he is not as mature as you.

So you already know, arm yourself with strength and courage, think of your little one, convey security and the certainty that if you leave him at school or college, it is the best thing you are doing for him. Give him a big hug, smile, motivate him and if you see it necessary, repeat the same phrases that we all know. It will never be too much for him, you'll see. Luck!

In addition to all the advice on how to act to take children to school, you can also use other resources, such as stories. The writer and storyteller Beatriz Montero gives us a most beautiful story: Emma goes to school:

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