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MiniMini competition + results

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We invite you to an unusual competition with Cat Prot, the hero of the anonymous series for children and his unusual vehicle, which in a few moments takes two preschoolers and their guide - a cat to selected places to experience instructive adventures.

Competition task

The competition task is: leaving a comment under this post with a description of the next, episode of adventures of Cat Prot invented by him.  Which three places in Poland should Cat Prot take two preschoolers to experience a fascinating and informative adventure with them? Write and justify your answer.

Remember to enter a valid email address when leaving a comment. Only in this way will we be able to contact you to send prizes.

What can you win?

  • 1st prize is the MiniMini + fish mascot set and the "The best of Gummimis" DVD
  • 2nd and 3rd prize of the MiniMini + fish mascot

Duration of the competition

The competition runs until March 18, 2013. Winners will be selected until March 22, 2013.

Detailed competition rules can be found here.

Cat Prot will answer everything in flight

(Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That)

animated series, United Kingdom 2011
Issue: from March 11 at 17:15 and 9:10

The series presents surprising, but also informative adventures of one wise cat and two preschoolers. Prot cat takes the little ones inunusual journey, during which the door to the mystery of the world of nature and scientific discoveries opens before them.

The main character of the series very clever Cat Prot has a special vehicle, thanks to which it quickly moves from one place to another. Together with two friends: Hania and Jasio, he travels magically around the world. Together they visit the ocean floor, explore the equatorial forests, and even the inside of the hive! This is possible because the magic vehicle called "koto-proto-mobil" changes in the blink of an eye to whatever you want: an airplane, a submarine, and even a rocket. In each episode, the characters of the series learn many interesting things, sometimes surprising even for Cat Prot.

The animation was based on the cult book in the United States by the American writer and poet Theodor Seuss Geisel. In Poland, it was published in the translation of Stanisław Barańczak and is entitled "Cat Prot".

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