Tips for children to ride safely

Tips for children to ride safely

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Without a doubt, riding a bicycle is a very suitable exercise to prevent heart problems and being overweight in children. In addition, it is a good instrument to socialize children. When the child has mastered the skills necessary to balance on a bicycle and go out together with the family around the neighborhood, it is necessary for them to know some basic driving tips to ensure their safety.

Here are some guidelines that children who ride a bicycle should know:

- Be attentive to vehicles coming from all directions and at junctions.

- Stop at all stop signs and obey the signals of the traffic lights, like cars do.

- Yield to pedestrians.

- Always ride on the right side of the road, in the same direction as the cars. Never in the opposite direction.

- Whenever possible, ride on the bike path or follow routes designed specifically for bicycles.

- Do not drive on the hard shoulder.

- Always stop at the exits of garages, alleys, etc.

- Always be aware of traffic and do not circulate too close to cars to avoid collisions.

- At crossroads, cross on foot dragging the bicycle.

- Na riding the bicycle holding an umbrella in one hand or carrying another object in the other. The handlebar must never be released.

- Always circulate in a row indicates when you cycle in a group. Never side by side.

- Pass another cyclist always on the left.

- Do not share the bicycle saddle with another person.

- Avoid riding a bicycle in places and moments with little light.

- NEVER wear headphones while riding a bike.

- Do not hold on to a moving vehicle.

- Never change direction or lane without looking behind you. Use your arms to signal a maneuver.

Apart from all these cares that children should have, parents should increase their safety by always maintaining a review of the bicycle, that is, observing if the tires are properly inflated, if the chain is clean and greased, if the handlebars, the brakes and the saddle need adjustments, etc. Important: that children always wear helmets.

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