The value of mothers in the home

The value of mothers in the home

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Society is changing and the economic crisis is accelerating this social process. If until now the households had been headed by a man, "the head of the family" referring to the one who financially supports the family, now the situation has changed. Almost half of the women, 40 percent financially support households, although they still earn a 30 percent less than men. And also, at home women work twice as much as men.

This is how forceful are the data that the Third Report of the CES has just released, which has studied the evolution, from 2002 to 2010, of the situation of women in the Spanish socio-labor reality, a "paradoxical" situation that has been gaining prominence in the last ten years and that has been driven by the economic crisis.

But, what strikes me the most about the report is that, deep down, one of the great problems of women is the men themselves to advance in gender equality, as recognized by those responsible for the study. And it is that segregation in working conditions is maintained because a glass ceiling in the company, that it is invisible, but insurmountable and that it prevents the promotion of women.

The real paradox lies in something unthinkable at an educational level. It has been shown that women have better educational levels than men, in addition to better academic performance, but this improvement does not lead to a better situation in the labor market, nor does it lead to a better career path. Although it has always been argued that education was the employment policy par excellence and that the more education the better the job, in the case of working women this is not true. For this reason, according to the study, women earn 16.3 percent less than men, something that is now harming many families that support themselves thanks to the work of her, of the working mother, since the highest unemployment rate is currently registered by men.

Marisol New.

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