Why Babies Smell So Good

Why Babies Smell So Good

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Mmmmmm ... the smell of a baby ... practically everyone likes it. In fact, there are perfumes that try to 'imitate' that smell (without success). The reason: the smell of a baby in its first months of life is unique.

But ... did you ever wonder why they smell like this? Is there a scientific explanation? Yes!

It's true ... the scent of a baby instantly falls in love. Will it be a defense mechanism? A kind of magnet to attract adults and avoid being unprotected? Is it a special weapon of nature to guarantee the bond?

The scent of a baby is not due to perfume or talcum creams, oils or powders. It is an innate aroma. Babies have a special perfume, and it has an explanation. Scientists from Monell Chemical Center (Philadelphia, USA) they have discovered it.

The experiment consisted of giving different women baby pajamas to smell. Half of them had been mothers. The other half, no. The babies who had worn the pajamas were free of creams and oils. No perfumes. What happened? All women, both mothers and those who have never been, they secreted dopamine, a substance present in various regions of the brain and that directly affects motor skills.

As if that were not enough, dopamine was secreted in areas of the brain related to 'pleasure' and reward stimuli. In this area there are, for example, appetite impulses, sex ... That is, the smell of the baby strongly attracts, offers a pleasant stimulus that helps strengthen the bond and non-verbal communication.

The research was conducted with women. However, the chemicals involved in it, assure that this result would be exactly the same with men. The link through smell is the same for parents.

The big question is ... and why do babies smell like that? Where does it come from? The chemists who participated in this research claim that the baby's smell is a mixture of:

- The 9 months of gestation: The smell that permeates the baby after spending 9 months floating in the amniotic fluid. That smell lasts up to six weeks after birth.

- Lack of sweating: Babies hardly sweat. The lack of perspiration makes the body odor they were born with last longer.

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