Why shouldn't babies cry

Why shouldn't babies cry

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For a long time it has been thought that the best thing for the baby to learn the lesson is to let him cry, not to attend to his moment of 'tantrum'. However, a recent study alerts us to this practice: letting a baby between 0 and 3 years old cry can be very harmful for their emotional development. Why?

The doctor James McKenna, Director of the Sleep Behavior Laboratory at the University of Notre Dame, explains that there is an area of ​​the brain, the central orbital region, which develops from 0 to 3 years. This area is in charge of managing stress and anxiety. If during this stage the baby supports high doses of stress, its ability to 'fight' against stress will be damaged forever.

The question is: very well, we have to try that our son does not suffer stress in his first years of life. But what causes them stress? Losing sight of his mother? Having to endure loud noises? Being hungry? Pain? The doctor McKenna is clear: the most stressful thing for a baby is feeling unprotected, cry and find no consolation. Cry and not be taken care of.

As an example, that impatience of all parents because baby learn to sleep through the night. Something that babies are not programmed for. Many parents insist on trying to get the maximum hours of sleep in a row from day one. And for this, they let him cry and cry non-stop until he falls asleep from exhaustion. But the baby will not sleep because he has learned his lesson. The baby will sleep because it will have generated a series of endorphins and other substances that try to reduce stress. That is, he will sleep out of sheer fatigue. And what will you have learned from this experience ?: you can't trust anyone. That he is alone.

What can happen to a baby who is subjected to large doses of stress in the first 3 years of life? According to the doctor MCKennaHe will grow up as a child who distrusts everyone, who prefers isolation, fearful, with low self-esteem, with an inner emptiness, with problems controlling his emotions, more anxious and less cooperative.

How to avoid it? Strengthening the bond with the baby from the beginning. Hugging, comforting, and caring for him in times of stress, fear, or anxiety.

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