'Babies are the most important'

'Babies are the most important'

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Anne Geddes, one of the most respected and recognized photographers in the world thanks to her creation of iconic images around the world of babies, has embarked on a new project, which has led her to collaborate with the new Babies & Moms line.

As a newborn photographer you have created a new trend followed by lots of artists focusing on the same niche, how would Anne Geddes define this style?

I believe my own style is defined by my message of "protect, nurture, love", and it has continued to develop for more than 30 years. What I really mean is the utter innocence of the newborn, and its potential to change the world for the better. This is the way I see my work.

What is it like to work with beings as vulnerable and delicate as newborns?

During my long career photographing babies, I never tire of looking at a little newborn, for all that they symbolize. They are at the beginning of their life, when they represent so much potential. They are total purity.

It's amazing to work with babies, and especially with newborns. I never take for granted the trust parents place in me. Parents always leave the studio saying what a wonderful time they have been, and that they didn't expect the studio environment to be so peaceful and pleasant. Everything in the studio revolves around babies. They are the most important. Much of the reason for the success behind the images is that everything is set up before the babies arrive in the studio. The lights, the camera ... everything. With an adult you can ask him to sit while you play with the lights, but you cannot do it with babies.

What do you consider to be the worst impediment when it comes to dealing with babies? What kinds of obstacles have you encountered over so many years of experience?

I do not think there is any impediment when it comes to working with babies, but I do believe that it is very important to photograph with an open mind, because if you are very rigid in your ideas and thinking, it is likely that the magic that can be lost happen fleetingly.

Where do you find inspiration in relation to the hundreds of accessories you work with? Do you have a specific place where you go to get ideas and think about new projects?

For the last thirty years my inspiration has always come from nature. I think mother nature is the greatest artist of all.

How has the way you see babies changed from the time you took your first photograph to this day?

I spent the first ten years of my photographic career concentrating on private portraiture. From there my work has steadily evolved in the greeting card and calendar market. As a result, a lot of my early work is based on seasonal themes and so these are many of the images that people remember. As my work has progressed through the years, my image gallery has become much simpler, especially in terms of the message. It is important to keep developing and changing as an artist to advance your work.

What is the specific project or photo shoot that has fulfilled the most on a personal level?

I have carried out many projects that have been very important to me. More recently, I have photographed a series of images of Paralympic athletes, affected by meningococcal disease. In the images, each athlete is posing with a small baby, with the clear message of ensuring their child's vaccinations are up to date, helping to protect any child from unnecessary suffering in the future.

What has led you to be part of a line of pediatric fragrances from Babies & Moms? Do you have another project in mind with this same brand / sector?

These types of products are an extension of how I feel about babies and taking care of babies. As a mother, I understand what it's like to have newborns at home, even though it was a long time ago. I don't see myself these days as strictly a photographer, but as a global advocate for children. That is why these products, of which I am very proud, are truly an extension of what I feel.

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