5 tips to prepare a healthy lunch box for children

5 tips to prepare a healthy lunch box for children

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Due to lack of time or carelessness, parents sometimes prepare an unhealthy lunch box for our children, introducing foods that we find on the shelves of supermarkets, with abundant sugars, preservatives and fats.

In We suggest you follow these useful tips to prepare a very healthy homemade lunch box for children. In this way, they can face their day to day at school with a lot of energy since they will take the necessary nutrients for it.

1. Food: we must include foods rich in carbohydrates, proteins and calcium. So a good example would be a ham and cheese sandwich, a homemade chocolate shake, and an apple. A second example of a menu for the lochera can be made up of a small tuna sandwich, a banana and a bottle of water.

2. The lunch box is not a breakfast: Food in the lunch box should not replace breakfast, one of the most important meals of the day. They should be a supplement that provides energy to children until mealtime. You don't need to include disproportionate portions because children may arrive hungry for mealtime.

3. Involve your children in their preparationAsk your kids what foods they like the most and even encourage them to organize their own lunchbox.

4. Creativity: if you put the same foods every day the child will end up getting bored of eating the same, try to incorporate a variety of foods and flavors.

5. A suitable lunch box: Avoid containers that do not close properly or that break easily both for solid foods, such as if you include smoothies or milk.

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