How to stimulate the baby from pregnancy

How to stimulate the baby from pregnancy

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Early stimulation tries to enhance the functions of the baby's brain, both emotionally and intellectually, through games, exercises and activities. This practice usually begins from the very birth.

However, recent studies show that there is no need to wait for the baby to be born. During pregnancy, the mother can stimulate the baby since the senses develop in the mother's womb and can feel, hear, see, swallow, taste ...

The baby is able to react to external stimuli, be it a loud noise, soft music or intense light, which is why babies already begin to train their senses from the womb. Around week 22 of gestation, the sense organs are already developed and working, so you can start with the intrauterine stimulation from that moment on. How?

1 - Some studies reveal that the children of mothers who have consumed a large amount of fruits and vegetables during pregnancy, especially in the last trimester, do not experience rejection of the taste of these foods. This indicates that the baby can be taught to eat from the womb. The sense of taste will be developed from week 12Therefore, the baby will receive the flavors of the food that his mother eats.

2 - The baby is able to recognize the mother's voice, so it is recommended that you speak calmly, clearly and slowly, something that can relax the baby and transmit calm. It is also a way to stimulate the bond from the womb.

3 - Play music for the baby enriches their physical and emotional development, And it is that when you listen to classics like Mozart or Bach, the heart rate relaxes and induces the baby to a state of serenity.

4 - The advantages of reading to the baby are also recognized: facilitates their future learning, and has an earlier intellectual development. You will also be able to more easily recognize the voices of those who read to you and you will feel more secure. You will learn to distinguish the modulations of the voice and this will be very positive when it is born to be able to reassure you.

5 - Babies develop the sense of touch during pregnancy, therefore, and although we cannot reach the baby or him, the affectionate caresses and massages on the belly they generate a feeling of well-being and peace in the mother that benefits and stimulates the baby.

6 - From the sixth month of pregnancy, the baby will open its eyelids and, although its environment is dark, its pupils can react if there is a strong light source that comes from outside, either the sun or simply pointing a flashlight towards the belly. The baby will be able to distinguish where the light is coming from and will be able to follow it if you move it, thus stimulating your eye muscles.

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