Prizes and gifts for children to eat

Prizes and gifts for children to eat

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Some parents give so much importance to feeding our children that they know it and, what is worse, they use this matter as method to get from us what they want. The campaigns of marketing of some companies dedicated to children's catering have also known how to use this weakness.

It is a custom in fast food restaurants to offer gifts of balloons, sweets, toys or painting games to children. Even Chinese restaurants have signed up for this 'fashion' and offer their bazaar products to children. This way, they not only make sure to hook the child consumer with the taste of the food, but also with the prize. Both claims satisfy at the same time the paternal need for a calmer weekend meal by not having to fight for the poor eater to eat and also, while he eats, he is entertained.

Immersed in this dynamic, while adults try to modify or reinforce the behavior of our children at the table with rewards or punishments, children do the same by behaving well, badly or regularly at mealtime, depending on whether they need to call the attention or want some whim. Even at home too we often make dessert a reward for having eaten well and ice creams or sweets become the most requested claim.

Food is a biological necessity, which directly influences the state of health and playing with it can lead to disastrous situations for the family. And is that the prizes can lose their value if we give them too easily. It is always more educational to reinforce positive behavior than to punish negative behavior, but neither should the child be constantly rewarded for something as vital as food.

Prizes have to be deserved and they don't have to always be material things. The great plans for Saturday, the interesting games, the invitations of their friends from school to home and dedicating time to practice their hobby or favorite sport with them have also worked for me. Here the imagination has no limits. And I never forget the advice I was given once: along with the award, the most important thing is the attitude of the parents, kisses, hugs and affection, which fill them with joy and pride.

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