Ideas for teaching kids math with LEGO

Ideas for teaching kids math with LEGO

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Lego or any other similar block game are ideal entertainment for children as it stimulates them in many different ways. But in addition, these little pieces are perfect for learning or reinforcing some mathematical concepts.

If your child finds it difficult to learn mathematics, if every time he opens the book he despairs, if exercising causes him nightmares, in We suggest you use Lego, do you want to know how and why?

In addition to the obvious benefits of playing with these small blocks for children and their enormous educational value, they have another added benefit. Playing with Lego pieces helps children understand mathematical concepts and understand them much better than if they read them in a book or if they did exercises.

The teacher Alycia Zimmerman in her blog Scholastic teaches how through the famous Lego children can be taught the basis of mathematics. Maybe, as she says, at first they just want to play and build towers, but with a little patience you can teach:

- Compose and decompose numbers: If we have a piece of 8 circles, half is 4, its half is a quarter, as shown in the image.

- Understand fractions: If we take a 6-circle piece, a 2-circle piece, and an 8-circle piece, we can teach the children that the 6 and the 2 is a part of a whole.

- Learn and understand multiplications: Having a collection of Lego pieces is very useful to teach the child to multiply and understand what the square of a number is, as shown in the image. Of course, it works for the opposite: teaching to divide.

- To understand what the arithmetic mean is: it is difficult for students to understand what mean means. It is a concept that is abstract to them and that they can see much better by making towers of different heights with Lego.

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