Repel lice at school

Repel lice at school

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Head lice prevention begins at home, but continues at school where the infection is massive. Yesterday my son told me that in class they had talked about lice and then the nurse had put them all in line and with the help of two more teachers they had been looking at the heads of all the children.

Some were given a paper that they had to give to their parents, where they told them that they had detected lice on their son's head and that they should start pediculicide treatment as soon as possible. And it is that as important as the treatment is the detection in time to avoid that the whole class ends up infested with lice and children are forced to live with these parasites for too long, since the reproduction rate of these bugs is dizzying. Females can lay an average of 8 eggs a day, which is more than 50 eggs a week and about 300 throughout their reproductive life that lasts approximately 40 days.

As parents learn about the life cycle of lice, it seems like an excellent idea for children to know more about them. In this way, control over the detection of these parasites is not so alien to them and they are aware that they have to spend a little time in the bathroom to prevent lice from reproducing freely in their hair.

Girls' hair is something else, because it is difficult to be meticulous when inspecting long hair, especially when they have thick or curly hair. For this reason, it is important to take all the prevention measures within our reach to avoid contagion. Wear your hair up, do not share combs or brushes, hair ties and hair ties, avoid bringing your heads together during games and letting the tufts pass through to detect possible lice are some of the recommendations that the teachers have given to the children in class.

And it is that to avoid that the vicious cycle of the contagion of lice at school lasts until December, it is best to prevent in time. Upon leaving class, the mothers' comment was based on desperation because most of them no longer know what to do. Many moms have seen a light at the end of the tunnel with repellants. An easy-to-use spray solution that you put on your hair in the morning before going to school and that protects all day. Some brands claim to repel lice for 5 days, as long as the child does not sweat, since the humidity cancels its effect and that the child does not shower or bathe, which is not usual, since bathing is a pleasure for children and is done daily.

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