Why are there children who speak in dreams

Why are there children who speak in dreams

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Many adults speak in dreams while they sleep, and it is something that also happens to children. Due to sleep cycles, nonstop brain activity, and the types of dreams we have throughout the night, conversations can happen in real time. The sleepiness It is the name given to the ability to speak when completely asleep, and an unconscious conversation is established in which words are not controlled. In our site we discover why some children talk to themselves during sleep.

Some children may be sleepwalkers, that is, they develop activities when they are asleep, and that they are able to walk or carry out acts that they would do normally if they were awake. For children with this sleep disorder, it is uncontrollable, and should not be woken up, because they could have a start, so it is best to speak to them in a low voice and with great delicacy and affection to try to redirect them to bed, eliminating objects with which they could be damaged, or keeping them away from dangerous areas such as windows.

However, the children who speak alone they do not necessarily have to be sleepwalkers. Due to the REM phase of sleep whose activity is very intense, a series of transitory dream images are established, to through which the vocal cords receive the order from the brain to say aloud what is happening in the dream in question.

This is not a problem, but a characteristic of some people whose brain activity is more frantic than others. This means that they would have the ability to speak in a timely manner in dreams, but they do not get up to walk or do any type of activity that they would do while awake. The causes of talking in dreams could have to do with genetics, an inheritance from the parents, or that the child is experiencing moments of stress or anxiety caused by changes in their daily life, which could translate into speed at bedtime and express yourself.

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