Tips for Parents on Children's Reading

Reading has innumerable benefits for children. However, not all children like to read. The trick is to present them with books whose subject or form appeals to them. That is, adapt the reading to the taste of each child. has selected the best tips on children's reading, so that books become an exciting and enriching world for your children.

When can children start reading? What kind of books do they like? What if you don't like to read? Can you do something to make children really value a book? We answer all your questions about children's reading, and we offer you a series of tricks so that your child really fall in love with reading.

Children's favorite books. What kinds of books do children like best? The librarian Sergio Díez gives us some advice on which books children like best and which ones we should rescue from the past.

Videos with tips on children's reading. We give you some tips on children's reading. How to encourage children to read. Reading for children from 0 years. Children's books according to their age.

How a book can make a child happy. A book can make a child happier. We analyze the possibilities that reading influences happiness, also in the case of children. Know the relationship between reading and children's personal growth. The book affects his state of mind and his way of seeing the world.

How to bring reading to babies. Reading can and should be brought closer to young children who cannot yet read. How? Through orality or storytelling. Don't miss out on these tips to bring reading to the little ones.

Tips for your child to fall in love with books. What can we do so that children like to read. How to get children to fall in love with reading. Tips to encourage children to read.

Benefits of reading for children. Emotional benefits and intellectual benefits of reading for children. What are the advantages of books for children. Benefits of children's literature for children.

Poetry about reading for children. Poetry is a good resource to motivate children to read. our site offers us a poem to encourage children to read. How to awaken children's interest in reading. Poetry, as well as reading, are essential educational resources.

10 advantages of reading for children. Reading, whether it be stories, books, comics or magazines, brings multiple benefits to the child. On our site we tell you what the child gets when he generates the habit of reading.

5 tips to encourage the child to read. How to encourage and stimulate the child to read. What parents can do to make their child want to read more and enjoy reading. Tips for parents with children who do not like to read.

Reading for children from 6 to 10 years old. It is a good time to attend to the variety that children demand by looking for what they like, not only with books, but also with magazines. They offer in the same issue different themes, different approaches, photographs of exceptional quality and very varied illustrations, at the level of the best illustrated books.

Encourage reading in children from 6 years old. Comprehensive mechanical reading is still a great effort for 6 and 7 year olds. And your progress in school depends largely on your reading level. This can overwhelm them, in principle. But there are three very useful secrets that parents can use to help children. Secrets to encourage reading in children 6 to 10 years.

Reading habits in children from 0 to 3 years old. It seems incredible that a child of 1, 2 or 3 years old likes to read. But it is possible. A baby of these ages can enjoy reading and become fond of reading. And even taking an exaggerated attachment to a specific story and asking for it over and over again, to the despair of the adult. We give you some tips to create a reading habit in children from 0 to 3 years old.

Reading habits in children from 3 to 6 years old. Between 3 and 6 years of age, the child is experiencing a very important stage of learning: he is preparing to learn to read and write, and is taking his first steps in reading. How to encourage regular reading habits in him?

How to make children fond of reading. From the year or year and a half, it is perfectly possible to bring the child closer to reading with the appropriate stimuli. We must try to get children to read from when they are very young. On our site we tell you tricks to make children love to read.

How and when to introduce the habit of reading. From the beginning, you can start to cultivate the habit of reading in children. María Miguens, from the Leer Foundation, gives an interview to our site about the important encouragement to reading.

Stimuli to children's reading. Bringing our children closer to books and reading is one of the most important challenges for parents and educators. The habit of reading is a great stimulus to creativity, intelligence and imagination of children. How we can arouse a baby's interest in books. Reading from the first year of life of children.

The best books for 3 to 6 years. What should books be like for children from 3 to 6 years old? We offer you some tips to get right when choosing stories for your child if he is between 3 and 6 years old

When the child does not like to read. Are the parents sure that the child sees well? And that the subject attracts you? The reader may be bored by dinosaurs, but excited by buildings. His tastes and his personality have a determining weight when choosing a reading for him.

Tricks to teach children to read faster. Strategies to teach children to read in a faster way, with more rhythm and at the same time understand what is read. Speed ​​reading techniques for children. 6 tips for children to learn to read faster. Learning to read is one of the skills that most favor children's oral expression, knowledge and vocabulary.

Games for children to learn to read. How can we help children learn to read easily? our site gives us the keys to be able to give tricks to our son so that he begins to read.

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