When and why should we change a school child

When and why should we change a school child

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Should we change the school boy? This is a question that many parents have at some point during their children's schooling period. There are clear cases in which this decision is easy to make, such as a change of address, but there are other times when that decision is not so simple.

The key to changing the child from one school to another it is your well-being. We should not focus so much on whether the school is the best, but whether the school adapts to our son and the needs he has, whatever type they may be.

When parents have doubts, it is advisable always exhaust all the avenues offered by the school before. That is, if our child has certain needs, or difficulties at school, be they academic, learning, adaptation, relationship with his classmates, etc., and these affect his self-esteem, behavior, motivation ... first it will be to try to solve it from the educational center.

If the problems persist, or the center does not do its part, then we must consider the change since the important thing is that the child is happy and don't experience going to school as traumatic.

Therefore, the reasons for changing our son's educational center may be:

1. Problems of adaptation to the center, (methodology, structure, academic demands ...)

2.Learning difficulties that the center cannot address.

3. Major relationship problems with peers and teachers.

4. Essential needs such as the end of one cycle and the beginning of another that forces a change of center.

And now, if we have decided to change the school boy…. When is it convenient to make the change?

We must do it from one course to another and not in the middle of the course unexpectedly and abruptly. We must let the child finish the course, that he can say goodbye to his classmates, teachers ... in short, that the change is as natural as possible, and leave him the vacation time so that he can assume that change, since it is not always easy for children.

Finally, there is a very important question to answer:How to propose to our son the change of school? We always have to count on the child, explain the reasons for the change, and make him participate, make him see the positive of the change, and if possible, get to know his new school before classes start. Having him is essential so that the process is not difficult.

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