Return to work after maternity leave

Return to work after maternity leave

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Today I go back to work after maternity leave. And it is that five months ago I had my third child, a beautiful baby who is growing up happy and healthy. Any mom who has been through this situation will fully understand how I feel. It is a mixture of worry, nerves, sadness, uncertainty ...

In a few days everything will be over, but certainly the first days are complicated, how can they not be when you have not been separated from your baby day or night for months?

Maternity leave in Spain consists of 16 weeks, and adding holidays and the period for breastfeeding, I have been away from work for five months. Today the time has come to sit up and I confess that it was not easy time to kiss the baby and leave the house, my stomach clenched.

With my first child I had a very bad time and I tried to hide behind the computer screen so that no one would see me cry, in the second I did not stop calling to ask if my baby was okay and this time I have to confess that I have not arrived with the tear hanging, I have felt more confident. I know that my baby is in good hands, I am lucky that my mother-in-law takes care of him with dedication and affection and fortunately my schedule allows me to enjoy him all afternoon.

Although leaving your baby to go back to work is not easy, I would like to look at the bright side of the situation and tell you some things that seem positive to me:

- You stop thinking all day about feedings, diaper changes, sleep schedules and wake up 'the neuron' to carry out other topics that, at least in my work, are enriching.

- You have conversations with other adults, something important when your day to day consists of making faces and speaking in diminutive.

- finally comes the opportunity to hang up the tracksuit and trainers to get ready, put on makeup and look a little more feminine.

- You return home with more desire to take advantage of the time and enjoy those special moments with your children more intensely.

- you have a job and a salary with which to support your family, something very distant and difficult for many people today.

None of these points may comfort many moms who are currently living their return to work after maternity leave, each one has circumstances that can make the moment more complicated or painful.

Nobody is going to avoid us that feeling of being the worst mother in the world when you leave and your baby stares at you, but it does not last forever and children appreciate the good times we can spend with them. Thousands of moms around the world survived that moment and our children are equally loved and cared for as those who can be with their mom or dad all day.

Finally, today I would like to send a little kiss to all my colleagues who have welcomed me with open arms and to all those who make my life as a working mom a little easier.

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