Doubts about tattoos in pregnancy and childbirth

Doubts about tattoos in pregnancy and childbirth

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There are many women who decide get a tattoo throughout his life. A drawing, a phrase or a memory can remain forever on the skin thanks to ink. However, when considering starting a family, fears surface when there is a permanent drawing on the dermis.

Will you be able to put me in the epidural? Will it affect the baby in any way? Will the drawing be deformed after delivery if I have it in a sensitive area? In we find the answer to the most common doubts about tattoos and pregnancy.

- Can I have an epidural if I have a tattoo?

Many tattooed moms who have an inked drawing on the Lower back they wonder if this aesthetic adornment is incompatible with the epidural in childbirth. Although for many years it was thought that it was not possible to request an epidural if the mother had a tattoo in the lower back, there really is no good evidence that it is impossible. Gynecological evidence makes it clear that the epidural puncture can be carried out because it reaches up to two millimeters into the skin, something that not all tattoos cover, so in almost all cases a key point would be found to put it if the pregnant woman requires it.

Can I get a tattoo while pregnant?

Many future moms wonder whether or not it is advisable to get a tattoo when they are already expecting a baby. Although it should not be harmful if it is carried out in a center where the needles are perfectly disinfected and there is no possibility of contracting any type of hygienic problem. However, it is recommended to wait until the child is born to make a tattoo to avoid risks.

- Will the tattoo change after giving birth?

The tattoos on the ribs, on the lumbar area or in the abdomen itself worry future mothers, since the obvious abdominal distention could be affected. Not all tattoos have to be damaged, but it is true that due to the logical growth of the belly, a tattoo right in that area could look slightly larger or stretched. However, if you work on postpartum recovery, and especially if you were in good physical shape before becoming pregnant, this picture should not change.

- Does having a tattoo affect the baby?

A tattoo on the skin does not affect the baby in any way. The ink on the skin is not harmful to the dermis, but it is true that special care must be taken with the skin throughout pregnancy. The hormonal changes are so pronounced that it is convenient to deeply hydrate every day all areas of the body with specific creams for this stage. It is also important to protect the dermis from the sun's radiation or eat as healthy as possible and drink plenty of fluids to keep it in the best possible shape. In this way, the skin in general and incidentally the tattoos will remain as they were before the pregnancy.

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