7 tricks to improve children's attention and concentration

7 tricks to improve children's attention and concentration

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Does your child have a hard time concentrating? Can't hold your attention for long?Do you often tell him that he is in the clouds? It is very common for children to be scattered and not attentive to the tasks they have to do.

This can be a problem for children at school because they will lose explanation from their teachers and their learning will be slower and also at home it will also cause them inconveniences, since parents will scold them more if they do not do the tasks we entrust them. In We give you some tips to encourage your children's concentration and attention that are very simple to put into practice and give good results.

1- Define your objectives periodically: remind your children of their tasks and obligations. Until those goals are set and the children don't forget what to do, you can make lists of goals and write them down.

2- Detect their moments of greatest concentration: If you think that your child tends to be more concentrated in the morning, try to make it during that time frame when he performs the tasks that require more attention, leaving the less heavy ones for later.

3- Respect their breaks: Experts say that the human brain cannot maintain attention for a sustained long period of time, so that after 15 minutes the attention decreases. In order to regain attention, it is important to take short breaks that allow children to resume the task fresher.

4- Avoid any distraction: If you have to do homework at home, do not leave the television on in the background, or a mobile on your table or toys around it. You must work in an environment that is as aseptic as possible and free from distracting elements.

5- Balanced diet: Eating a good diet is essential to face the day with energy but there are also foods that enhance the ability to concentrate, especially those that are rich in phosphorus, omega 3 fatty acids, calcium or other minerals that help control stress and promote attention.

6- Make sure they get enough sleep: When we sleep poorly and it is not difficult for us to perform the next day, the same thing happens to children, therefore it is convenient to establish a good sleep routine so that the brain and body rest.

7- Motivate and encourage him: There is no need to promise you that we will give you a gift, but we can give small prizes such as an afternoon at the movies or a family outing to the amusement park if you have managed to pay attention to your tasks and have done them correctly. In addition, it is very important that we positively motivate them instead of scolding them. Phrases like "you can do it", "I trust you" or "I'm sure you're going to do it" work.

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