Smily Play My First Steering Wheel

The toy can already be successfully handled by a child of about six months (the manufacturer of the toy recommends for children who are at least 12 months old). Also works well with older children who will try to use it as intended. Attached to the trolley it is easy to start. It has several versions of melodies, positive in reception and rather non-irritating (which often happens with similar products).The steering wheel has the "start" option, gear shifts, turn signals (with longer melodic versions) and horn. In addition, it has a movable "mirror" in the middle, followed by speed and combustion indicators.

Unfortunately, the steering wheel is not perfect. Along with its use, the buttons are "unregulated", which means that the melodies start to sound themselves while driving or on uneven terrain.

The price for the product is not excessive, because we will receive the toy for about 35 PLN.

Overall rating: