Tricks to teach the baby to go up and down stairs

Tricks to teach the baby to go up and down stairs

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If your baby is between 13 and 15 months old, maybe he is already walking alone and wants, with your help, to learn to climb the stairs. This will make it more autonomous, it will be a motor achievement, a great learning process and is considered a very complete task with high muscular and cerebral demands. Doing it well will avoid accidents, although an adult should always be by your side. We have expert recommendations for you to help your little one learn to go down and up stairs, safely.

1. Baby climbs stairs: It is easier for you to teach him to go up the stairs first, since going down he can more easily lose his balance.

2 games: In order for him to learn to climb the stairs, you will have to put him to practice a lot. Place a toy on an armchair or higher place for him to reach. Put cushions and pillows on the floor, and have him walk over them. Let him also do the exercise of getting up and sitting alone in the chair.

3. Characteristics of the ladder: make sure it doesn't have too high rungs or that it doesn't have dangerous gaps where the baby can fall. Observe the material, that it has no sharp edges, or protruding nails, if it is made of wood that does not have chips and that the surface of the steps is not very smooth.

4. On the stairs: have her place her hands on the next step and push herself up to lift first one leg and then the other. You can also try with the toy on the upper step, so you can go up the toy step by step, which will increase the difficulty and you will no longer climb just one but several steps.

5. Attitude: Take into account their state of mind. Encourage him to learn when you see that he is alert and active. If the baby is in a bad mood or scared don't force it. This can be counterproductive. The baby must want it.

6. Safety: Although your baby has already learned, the safety grid must be kept closed, if its railings offer dangers, such as some parts of his body, you will have to put an additional mesh. You must always be with him. This applies to when going up or down steps and for everything, because a baby is not left alone for a minute. Always stand in front of or behind it, depending on whether it is going up or down, to receive it and cushion it against a fall.

7. Download: When he has more balance and shows you want to go down, teach him to do it backwards using his little hands and knees.

When your child is already walking, he will be able to walk up and down stairs, but first you must take one of his hands and teach him to take those steps, and when he decides to do it without holding on, you should always accompany him. Experts indicate that only at three years of age the child is able to go up and down stairs in an upright position, with more security. Until it reaches this stage, all the care will be little. Luck!

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