Before kissing a baby ... think about it!

Before kissing a baby ... think about it!

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There are many people are inevitably attracted to babies. When they see them it is as if a magnet directs them directly to their cheeks and they begin to lavish kisses left and right, they cannot help it.

They have no respects of any kind, it does not matter if they have a cold or have some type of cold sore. They kiss the baby, sometimes, to the stupor of the parents. To alert other parents to what can happen if care is not taken, A mother has shared a photo of her baby after catching herpes from a person's kiss.

Amy Stinton has a baby boy, Oliver, who is 14 months old. One fine day he began to develop a rash on his skin. He thought it could be chickenpox, but when he took the baby to the pediatrician, he confirmed the disease: he had contracted herpes. The boy had to be hospitalized.

Amy took photos of her baby and posted them on social media as a way to alert about what can happen when someone with a cold sore kisses a baby. It is not the first case of this type that we have seen, other moms before her posted photos of their babies infected with herpes after being kissed. There was even a case in Australia that caused the baby's death.

When an adult catches a cold sore after a kiss, they will suffer for a few days the discomfort blisters that appear on the lip. The problem is when a baby becomes infected, and that is your immune system is still developing and you don't have the necessary defenses to fight some diseases. So much so that a simple cold sore can cause very serious infections in newborns or babies of a few months, which can lead to disability or even death.

Parents may seem exaggerated, especially first-timers when we do not let others get too close to the baby, but certainly with a simple kiss you can spread various types of diseases. Sometimes we will have to hurt a feeling, especially from grandparents, but they will not love them less if they do not kiss them when they are suffering from some kind of illness.

Cold sores are a viral infection that causes sores around the mouth in the form of sores or blisters. They usually develop on one side of the mouth where vesicles form that eventually open to release a liquid. Then a scab comes out.

The process usually lasts between 10 and 15 days, it is usually annoying although it does not leave scars. It is essential that the virus does not reach the eye area, so it is necessary to be careful that the child does not touch the blisters and that they wash their hands frequently.

Although there are ointments, it is preferable to apply cold to stop the infection as soon as it flares and rub with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol 2 or 3 times a day until it dries.

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