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You can save on shopping for children. Check how to do this by using our weekly list of items at promotional prices.


  • We will receive Gerber juice, nectar for children in Carrefour for PLN 3.59. In Super-Pharm, they are available for PLN 3.99.
  • Hipp juice for children in Real at 5.79 PLN.
  • any three BoboFrut juices in Rossmann, the fourth for free with the Rossna card (one juice for PLN 3.79).
  • Nestle junior milk for children in Real for PLN 14.49. In Rossmann with Rossna card two any third milk for free - 2 × PLN 15.99.
  • Hipp baby milk in Rossmann 800 g for PLN 36.99. The same price applies at Super-Pharm.
  • Nestle yogurt for children in Real at a price of 8 zlotys for a four pack.
  • buying porridge for Bobovit children in Real buying 4 pieces, we pay 4.33 zlotys for one.
  • Hipp children's dish in Real 190 g for PLN 2.79.
  • Hipp 125 g children's dish with LifeStyle card at SuperPharm for PLN 2.79.
  • Gerber children's dish 250 g in Real for PLN 5.69.
  • Gerber desserts for children (fruit, pudding) 125 g at Super-Pharm for PLN 2.99.
  • any three Hipp fruit desserts 125 g and the fourth one free in Rossmann with Rossna card. One dessert for PLN 3.29.
  • Nestle Sinlac porridge in Real for PLN 20.99.

Hygienic products

  • Pampers Active Baby in Kaufland for PLN 35.99 instead of PLN 49.99. Whereas the same diapers in Real are available for PLN 39.49. At Super-Pharm, buying diapers, we will pay PLN 37.99 and receive PLN 10 for subsequent purchases.
  • Pampers Sleep & Play in Net for PLN 24.99.
  • Pampers Value Pack in Carrefour for PLN 37.89.
  • Pampers MegaPack at Tesco for PLN 79.49 instead of PLN 119.99 (one diaper PLN 0.53).
  • Swimmers diapers size M at Tesco for PLN 22.32.
  • We will get Pampers baby wipes in Carreofur for PLN 25.99 (for six packs).
  • Babydream wipes in Rossmann at PLN 6.99 instead of PLN 8.99.
  • Powder (1.8kg) or liquid for children Lovel (1.5l) in Kaufland will be received at PLN 16.49 instead of PLN 20.35.
  • Bambi children's shampoo in Kaufland for PLN 1.99 instead of PLN 2.79.
  • Bobini bath foam in Rossmann with the Rossna card for PLN 7.99 instead of PLN 9.49.
  • Nivea Rossmann body and hair gel with Rossna card will be offered for PLN 23.99 instead of PLN 27.99.
  • The entire series of Hipp products in Super-Pharm -25%.
  • We receive Nivea Baby body care products at a 20% lower price.
  • Ziajka products for children at Super-Pharm at a 20% lower price.

Toys and accessories

  • Girls 'or boys' feet in Kaufland 7 pairs for PLN 14.99.
  • Carrefour running bikes with a foot, for 139 zlotys.
  • Plastic slide for the garden in Carrefour for PLN 89.99.
  • Children's igloo tent in Carrefour for PLN 19.99.
  • Tesco Cross 3 bike for PLN 39.99 instead of PLN 57.99.
  • Grzechotka Lew Kuleczka in Real for PLN 29.95.
  • Lovi Protect two-phase manual breast pump at Super-Pharm at PLN 149 instead of PLN 199.

Promotion time
Kaufland 11.04-17.04.2013
Net to 14/04/2013
Carrefour 10-15.04.2013
Tesco 11-17.04.2013
Real 11-17.04.2013
Rossmann from 12.04
Super-Pharm from 04.04-17.04.2013