How to teach children to read the hours

How to teach children to read the hours

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My son asked me yesterday that from what age does an old person become. And he instinctively looked at his little watch, as if the years might get caught there. And it is that for a child, the concept of time it is as or more complex as a convoluted algebra operation.

In the end, hours, minutes, and seconds are nothing more than math. If children learn to read and count to one hundred, why shouldn't they learn the hours? From the age of five they already begin to be interested in watches, the years and the passing of time. Let's take this opportunity to teach them to read the time on their watch.

Today there are watches specially designed for children to learn the hours. They include voice so they can hear you and interactive pets so that they differentiate between day, afternoon and night. But children can also be taught to understand clocks through play.

1. The simplest clocks for them are those who mark digital time. They just have to read the numbers that appear on the screen. Your mission is to understand that the first number is the one that 'tells' us about the time and the other two numbers are the ones that tell us how many minutes have passed. If the child is very young, he will not understand that the day has 24 hours and that each hour means sixty seconds.

- So that they understand, you can use chickpeas. You paint a few chickpeas red and others blue, and you tell him that the red ones are the hours and the blue ones the minutes. You put on the table for example two red and ten blue chickpeas. You explain that in that case it would be 10 minutes past two.

2. To the hand clocks it is something more complex. The first thing to understand is that the small hand always marks the hour and the long hand the minute. You can start by teaching them the half hour and the hour on the dot. That is, when the long hand points to 6 and when both hands are at 12.

- Build a cardboard clock, round and with their numbers (you can use a round cardboard plate). For the hands, you can use straws or even pencils. One has to be shorter, obviously. Divide the circle into slices like cheese for every five minutes and paint them in different colors. Every five minutes, the cheese 'portion' and color will change. Play with them to move the hands.

3. Leave let them play with an alarm clock and move the handles. Kids love it ringing. Tell them to set the alarm for a certain time. They will have a great time!

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