IPal, the robotic nanny that children need?

IPal, the robotic nanny that children need?

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He helps them do their homework, sings, dances, puts cartoons for them on his screen. He is able to play and ... to recognize when the child is sad, happy or bored. It's not called Mary Poppins, but iPal.

Yes, Ipal is a robot, but he is not just any robot. Its creators (Chinese engineers) claim that it will be a revolution in homes with children.

Yes, iPal looks fantastic. It is almost perfect: it measures the same as a 5-year-old child, it does not get tired and has infinite patience with children. You will always have resources to entertain the little ones. He is knowledgeable in all fields, he is confident, docile, sweet-spoken and has something that all children love: is a robot.

Ipal wakes them up on time to go to school, they make sure he has a good breakfast and brushes his teeth. It advises you what to wear according to the weather ... And you can take photos to send to parents on your smartphone.

As if that were not enough, iPal knows how to do crafts, tell stories ... and knows several languages, so it can also be an excellent teacher for children. In addition, it has memory and a learning engine to recognize the interests of the child and better suit your tastes.

And the emotions? Ipal is designed to recognize sadness, happiness, loneliness, and even depression in children. If you notice that the child is sad, try to amuse him.

The creators of iPal, from Avatar Mind company, engineers in China and Silicon Valley, They are more than satisfied, excited and very hopeful with their robot. It works thanks to 23 motors installed throughout its body and is intended to take care of children between 3 and 8 years old. But make no mistake ... would you really have an iPal at home? Would you substitute a person for a robot? This is all that a 'nanny' of the usual offers in front of the iPal robot:

- The touch. The caresses and hugs when the child is sad are not the same. The difference? The feel of warm skin versus the cold touch of iPal plastic.

- The intuition. Something that a machine will never have. Anticipate what may happen. That sixth sense that people have.

- The look. The eye contact of an equal. Not those black eyes surrounded by cables that pulse open and close.

- The feelings. iPal will be able to recognize the child's emotions, but it cannot show emotions, because it does not have them. Maybe they will get me to imitate emotions, to represent them. But they will never be authentic.

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