Exercises to teach the child to pronounce well

Exercises to teach the child to pronounce well

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The beginning of language is one of the most important events in the growth and development of children. However, on some occasions this progression of learning does not occur according to the expected patterns. Thus, It is important to know what we can do to promote the acquisition of this language.

To begin, we must bear in mind that each child is different. This means that not everyone will learn to speak in the same pattern, which can be due to a variety of factors. Sometimes inappropriate or distorted speech patterns appear during this language development.

To promote the correct pronunciation of the child, on our site we give you a series of ideas.

1. It is important that the child has the need to speak. To do this, they must take advantage of the situations of play, bathroom, and the different activities of daily life to use language.

2. Stimulate the child's ability to make sounds. This can be done through games with onomatopoeia, imitation, repetition of different words ...

3. Avoid correcting language errors. It is preferable for parents to repeat the word correctly pronounced than to directly correct the mistake the child has made.

4. Always show feedback. In this way, the child will feel that his environment is listening to him, which will increase his interest in speaking. Celebrate your child's progress so you can see that your efforts pay off.

5. Avoid focusing the family activity on the child's pronunciation problems. You have to treat the problem naturally, to avoid frustration and the appearance of complexes.

6. Avoid using childish language. It is very important that the child's environment calls things by their real name, not with diminutives or games. For example, calling the dog by name instead of 'woof woof'.

7. Do not repeat mispronounced words because they are funny. Otherwise, the child will continue to use them because he thinks they are fun for the people around. It is better to give the correct model for the child to internalize.

8. Avoid completing the sentences that the child produces, cut your oral production or say the word you are trying to pronounce when we see that it costs you.

9. If necessary, contact a specialist. It is important to determine if the child's language alteration is evolutionary or if it is the result of another underlying problem, such as an organic or hearing problem.

All of these and other guidelines can help children develop proper pronunciation. However, it is always important to contact a professional in case it is necessary to carry out speech therapy treatment in case your child needs it. Contacting a speech therapist is the best solution!

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