Child empathy. A value against bullying

Child empathy. A value against bullying

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Upon completion, a link will appear to access the found materials. he was chatting with the psychologist Maria Jose Ruiz on bullying or bullying in school-age children. During the interesting interview, I was struck by the advice given to parents about encouraging their children to empathy, because the expert affirms that this value can be a weapon for children to respect and make themselves respected in front of others.

Empathy is 'putting yourself in the shoes of the other', so we have always heard the definition of this term and also, according to our interviewee, we must first teach the child to understand their own emotions so that he understands those of others. Phew, but what a complex for young children! Well, the news, parents, is that we are empathetic, some more than others, since we started socializing.

It is a gift, there are people more empathetic than others, it can, but it is something that can be to stimulate. It happened to me with my very little girl, on some occasion I started crying in front of her and she also pouted, her eyes flooded and she put her little hand on top of me. He was comforting me, he stepped into my shoes. When children They try to help someone smaller or when they bring something to an adult because they feel that they are looking for it, in any case they show solidarity, it is empathy.

So children from early have interest in the other, in what you feel and show it. Parents, every time we see this type of empathic attitudes, let's reinforce them, so we will be giving the world a child who cares about the feelings of others. This will make them respectful, tolerant, supportive, and caring.

The bullying it is the absence of empathy. The child who treats another roughly seems to be more interested in the other's suffering and causing pain. If your child behaves aggressive since childhood and shows signs of treating other children badly, you should find out why this behavior, correct it, make him feel guilty by telling him how much harm he does to others and tell him that he should offer excuses and reparation.

We are preventing our child from being stalker or be harassed if, from a young age, he is made to see that his feelings are important, if we are empathetic with him and give that example of empathy and solidarity towards others, if we say 'no' when he has to tell him so that he learns to also say that ' no 'when it touches him. These attitudes of adults, that example of parents, encourages children to know their own feelings, to make them respect them, to know when something bothers them and to tell us about it to take corrections and to respect and be kind and kind to others.

You must tell your son since childhood that should not have secrets with you. If something bothers you, whether you feel that something is being done to you or because you are not comfortable with how you are treating someone, on your own or someone else's initiative, or if you witness bullying at your school, you should find in we a empathetic parent with him who listens to him and puts himself in his place.

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