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Lipomal - a mild diaphoretic agent promoted as a medicine for colds

Lipomal - a mild diaphoretic agent promoted as a medicine for colds

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Parents whose children feel worse (for example, due to colds or high fever) tend to use a number of measures to reduce unwanted discomfort. No wonder that in the first place they reach for proven specifics. They buy products that are recommended to them in pharmacies (not necessarily selflessly) and whose names due to numerous advertisements are remembered.

Season for infections

We don't usually spend a few hours watching TV. Fifteen minutes before the fairy tale or information, you can quickly see that at least 7 out of 10 ads relate to specifics for a runny nose, cough, fever, or pain. Among them, children's products appear very often.

What is this Lipomal for?

If you don't remember, I remind you of an advertisement ... Mom is holding a baby in her arms, the other child is lying in bed. You can see that the children are sick, have a fever, as reported by the teacher. After administration of the drug, as in advertising, they quickly recover. The specificity works "not too lightly" or "not too much". With it you can deal with the infection and return to joyful fun ...


Unfortunately, in commercials on television, newspapers and radio we will not find out what can be read on the website. The inquisitive parent after the fact (reading the leaflet) or before buying on the website will learn that "Lipomal syrup contains dry linden extract, traditionally used as a mild diaphoretic. Product effectiveness is based only on long term use and experience. " And next: "Traditionally as a mild diaphoretic in feverish conditions. incidentally in colds, throat inflammations, coughing. "

This means that this syrup will not cure the infection, it will only help in feverish conditions, and its effectiveness can be observed for a long time and after gaining experience in this area (whatever that means?). Lipomal does not eliminate fever, but will only work gently diaphoretic, so a great negative for the manufacturer who advertises the product as a specific for colds, high temperatures and coughing!

Price and composition

Depending on the pharmacy, Lipomal costs from 10-17 zlotys for a small bottle. In the composition, in addition to linden extract, it contains such not necessarily indicated substances as sodium benzoate and, unfortunately, sucrose (i.e. sugar - attention to caries). Instead, it's better to give your child a linden tea with honey or raspberry juice. Cheaper, healthier, faster and easier, and I dare say comparable effectiveness.

Do you use Lipomal?


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