The trust. Educate children in values

The trust. Educate children in values

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The trust It manifests itself in children when they feel respected, understood, encouraged and welcomed in a situation of dialogue and respect. The reason for trust lies in the innermost part of each one of us and, therefore, each person experiences that feeling of trust according to their personality.

Trust is a very important value in the education of children that must be constantly fed with kindness and cordiality. With tolerance the overcoming of difficulties in the search for the trust. To educate children in valuesThis diet is very important since trust is very fragile and is lost with doubts, forgetfulness, distancing, betrayal and recklessness.

1. Encourage sincerity. Teach them to be sincere and to tell the truth, even if it hurts.

2. Establish a climate of coexistence with flexibility and tolerance. The tranquility that living in an optimal climate of coexistence generates in children stimulates their confidence in others and also in themselves.

3. Develop spontaneousness. Being spontaneous in thoughts and feelings helps to create a climate of trust both in family and with friends.

4. Agree rules of discipline. Setting limits helps the child know which path to take, which increases his confidence in all areas of his development.

5. Include respect towards others and towards oneself. Respecting and respecting each other are the values ​​that we must instill in children associated with trust.

6. Encourage dialogue. Creating a good climate for dialogue is essential to grow trust in others.

To build confidence in children, we must offer them opportunities to build and increase their confidence. In this sense, we must guide the child towards other values ​​that add points to increase trust such as collaboration, respect, tolerance, responsibility, honesty and empathy, among others.

In addition, to educate in trust you have to know how to wait, tolerate, forget, understand and forgive.

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