The 10 most common excuses for children to miss school

A few days ago inTwitter One user posted a photo of a handwritten note from her 6-year-old cousin, which she had given to one of her teachers. Do you know what he said, he noticed it ?: "I am the mayor and I want to close the school forever." This trill has given for everything, but also to remember that sometimes children are not encouraged to go to school and that many come to invent all kinds of excuses for not having to get up and go to school. I think all parents have ever seen a child not wanting to go to school, right? Well, here I show you some.

1 - I am sick: the children make a lapidary voice, eyes semi closed, present a face with a sign of pain and indisposition, accompanied by continuous visits to the bathroom to show indigestion. They are easy symptoms of illness for a child who does not want to be sent to study. Obviously children get sick and you have to believe them, but given the symptoms it is better to take them to the doctor and if they do not let themselves go, you can start to doubt. There are tricks that are already passed among children on the Internet such as sleeping with sugar in your socks, walking barefoot and drinking a lot of cold water ... They say it works for dawn with fever and make the alibi credible.

2 - Teachers are on strike or on special shift: The teachers are not going to teach classes, so why does the child go to school? Check very well with the school to find out if what your son tells you is true or if you are facing a childish lie.

3 - I want to be better prepared for an exam: And could it be that if he doesn't go to school, he'll be getting ready all day? Be careful not to take him to school for understanding before this request because it is assumed that the other boys will also have this exam, ask him why they did not give everyone the day to prepare. Offer all your help when he comes back from school.

4 - We do not have to go some students: This is weird. Were you excused for good behavior? you better call before instead of being exempted by good conduct, suspend him for not going to class. I would not be the first or the last to resort to this false excuse for not going.

5 - There is an excursion: Yes, apparently there is a way out of those programmed in schools. Nobody notified you but your son is more than informed, in fact he tells you that very few will attend because they are going to charge a lot for the exit and that he prefers to save you money. Again a call will get you out of doubt.

6 - I hardly slept: it may be true. But if you let him rest, it is very likely that he will go to bed later and tomorrow to get up the same thing happens, a whole vicious cycle that will affect your routine in the morning. So you decide, but we warn you that it is also in the top 10 of the most used excuses to avoid school.

7 - I had an accident: A fall, a sprain, a broken bone, well, you limp but you don't notice any inflammation. But it is easy to identify if it is true. Just tell him you're going to take him urgently, they'll do an X-ray to put on a cast or something. Stay tuned for their reaction. If you don't go to the doctor, it may just be an excuse.

8 - My teacher will not go: your son tells you that the group tutor told them he would be absent. Again when in doubt, consult.

9 - On this day of this month there will be a special day at school and there will be no classes: It is an excuse that required more planning from its author, and it may be a slightly more collective strategy, with one or two friends not to attend and already have a plan to Do something fun that day. If you have a school agenda or portal, check and clear your doubts.

10 - My uniform broke: Believe it or not, this has been frequently practiced as there are scissors in every home. If he tells you that his uniform was damaged before everyone left for his duties, there is no time and how to send the child to school without his uniform. You can look closely at what type of tear the uniform has to see if it was accidental or caused. You can choose if you send it with the other one even if it does not touch him and excuse yourself with a note before him teacher.

Oh mother How about you put a little spice in it and don't swallow it whole every time your child gives you reasons not to go to school? Of course, mom, if trying to avoid school is becoming very frequent, you may be facing a more complicated case, such as bullying or bullying and your child has reasons for not wanting to return, if so, talk to him and with his teachers and try to identify what happens.

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