Ten Benefits of Mimic Games for Kids

Ten Benefits of Mimic Games for Kids

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Mime is the language of gesture. Mimicry or body language contributes much more than we imagine. More than 50 percent of the information that both adults and children transmit is done non-verbally.

These mime games help children express feelings and control their body movements in a fun way.

1- Through gestures children can learn to convey their emotions, feelings and thoughts, helping them to open up to others in a playful way.

2- Since they need to manage their body, mimic games help them better control their movements improving your coordination.

3- This type of games help children to have a better awareness of their body.

4- It helps them to socialize with others since they are usually done in groups. Body interpretation techniques or games make even the most shy or introverted children able to unleash your feelings expressing sensations that they would not otherwise manifest.

5- Through mimicry it improves the artistic expression of children either through dance or interpretation.

6- With mimicry, children improve concentration since they have to count without words and think about the gestures they are going to execute without being able to speak.

7- The mimicry games favor the imagination and children's creativity when it comes to recreating situations or feelings.

8- Mime helps children release stress through laughter and is a very fun activity for any age.

9- Promotes self-esteem of children preventing the appearance of diseases such as anorexia or bulimia.

10- With imitation games, children also exercise their muscles.

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