Ten popular boy names in Mexico in 2017

Ten popular boy names in Mexico in 2017

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Choosing our son's name is not an easy task. If you have not yet found the ideal name for your baby, here we propose ten proposals with the names that will be a trend in Mexico in 2017.

In recent years, names of Anglo-Saxon origin have gained prominence, although traditional names also remain among the most used, which have a beautiful meaning and that perhaps can clear up your doubts when deciding what your future child will be called.

1- Kevin: It is a name of Irish origin, its meaning is ‘sweet, honest and handsome’ and it has been one of the most used names in England and the United States for years and is gaining more and more relevance in countries like Mexico. The fact that many personalities from the world of entertainment and celluloid have this name such as: Kevin Costner, Kevin Bacon, or Kevin Jonas among others, has been able to promote its popularity.

2- Brayan: It is a name of Celtic origin, it means 'the one who has noble power and strength' and is a variant of Brian's name, which is increasingly popular in Mexico and which will undoubtedly be a trend in 2017.

3- Brandon: It is a name of Anglo-Saxon origin. The meaning of Brandon is: 'swift sword'.

4- Jose: it has been one of the most used names in Mexico and many other countries for years and will continue to be used in 2017. It means 'abundance' and its origin is Hebrew.

5- Juan: a man from hebreo. It means 'the faithful to God'. It has been and continues to be one of the most used names in Mexico. It is a traditional name that conquers for its sound and its length.

6- Santiago: It is a very traditional name in Mexico, although it is still used a lot and will undoubtedly be a trend in 2017. The origin of this name is Hebrew and its meaning is linked to religion: "God will reward."

7- Jesus Maria: It is a municipality of the Mexican state of Aguascalientes and is one of the most used compound names in Mexico. Jesus comes from Hebrew and means "Yahweh is salvation", while Mary is also Hebrew but has a much debated meaning, adopting the most commonly used as "the one loved by God."

8- José Juan: It is another of the most used and trending compound names in Mexico for 2017.

9- John Jesus: It is the third most used name for children in Mexico and that will continue to be one of the most used in 2017. It is the combination of Juan which means 'the faithful to God' and Jesus which means 'Yaveh is salvation' both of Hebrew origin and with much relevance in the Bible.

10- Diego: It is a Spanish name that comes from the Hebrew Jacob. Its meaning is linked to an ‘educated and didactic’ person. Among the famous characters with this name we find from actors like the Mexican Diego Luna, to soccer players like the Argentine Diego Armando Maradona, singers like the Mexican Diego Boneta, or painters like the Mexican Diego Rivera or the Spanish Diego de Silva Velázquez, among others.

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