Thanks to the grandparents less obese children

Thanks to the grandparents less obese children

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The theory that grandparents are there to "spoil" grandchildren, allowing them to do whatever their parents do not allow them to do, has completely collapsed when it comes to children's diets. In Spain, half of the grandparents prepare food for their grandchildren at least once a week, transmitting to them your good eating habits.

How lucky are children who are fed by their grandparents, right? According to the first study on the "Influence of grandparents on children's nutrition", from the Spanish Federation of Nutrition, Food and Dietetics Societies (Fesnad) next to the Food Safety and Nutrition Agency (Aesan), two out of three grandparents promote a diet rich in vegetables, fruits and legumes, the style they consume themselves, among their grandchildren.

Grandparents export their good eating habits to grandchildren as well as the whole family. At least this is what the study carried out with 404 people over 60 years old reveals, who claimed to consume about three pieces of fruit a day, eat fish about three times and vegetables about four times a week. Also, in his diet there are almost no foods with saturated fat.

Considering that good eating habits should be acquired by children from an early ageTo prevent them from being overweight or obese as adults, it doesn't hurt that they have to stay with their grandparents while their parents work. What's more, I think parents, who have so much to learn from grandparents, should also follow their nutritional guidelines.

In the event that your grandchildren do not like food, they do not offer them any other alternative since the idea is that the children learn to eat everything. At least 66 percent of grandmothers adopt this type of nutrition education. And apart from all that, something that I also consider important is that grandparents promote family gatherings around the table. Sharing table and food is a habit that is being lost a lot and we should get it back, whenever we can.

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