Study techniques for elementary school students with ADHD

Study techniques for elementary school students with ADHD

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Many hyperactive children do not get the most out of their time at school due to their attention deficit and impulsivity that makes learning difficult and hinders. Problems that are observed when they read, write, perform mathematical operations or must memorize. They are disorganized children, who forget to write their homework in the agenda or even take the book they have to study for the next day's exam. To help them, it is essential to create good study habits and provide them with correct study techniques.

- Create the habit of studying in the most appropriate place. Make sure that it is always the same and quietest place in the house, free from distractions where you only have to have what is essential to do your homework and study. No computers, consoles or toys to distract you.

- Balance the hours of study and play or leisure. Depending on your age, we will determine the amount of time you must invest in homework and study.

- Set and plan study schedules.

- Train the child in self-instructions. It is important that we prepare a sheet with self-instructions that you should always read before starting your daily study. It can be of the style: 1) I prepare the table so that it is clear and with all the material. 2) I need a pencil, an eraser, a pencil sharpener, a book, a notebook and an agenda. 3) I review the agenda with the homework, exercises and work that I must present 4) I decide what homework I am going to do, what subject I am going to study and what I have to prepare for the next day. 4) I will finish by doing a general review and preparing the backpack for tomorrow.

This technique is very useful not only to organize the study but also to solve mathematical problems or improve reading comprehension

- Divide the tasks into subtasks. Due to his attention deficit and his need for constant movement, we will try to divide the work into small parts. It is better to do little work and to rest frequently than to try to finish everything at once. Children with ADHD begin to make mistakes after 6 minutes of focused attention.

- Motivate study valuing and encouraging every little step.

- Check your work. The child with ADHD must always review all the tasks that he has done and check that he has not forgotten anything, either in the exercises that he must deliver as the agenda to be studied.

Some specific techniques:

- Techniques to improve reading comprehension. We will teach them a methodology to improve their reading comprehension called EPLER (Examine, Question, Read, Outline, Summarize, Review).

- Techniques to improve the realization of mathematical problems. Depending on the difficulties that the child presents, we can apply the following techniques: self-instructions (read slowly and write down the information as it appears) and graphic representation of the problem (drawing).

These are some of the study techniques that parents of children with ADHD can apply with their child if they want to help them have better academic results. With perseverance, effort and a lot of patience, they will see how their children improve day by day.

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