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Children's books from the bottom shelf

Children's books from the bottom shelf

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Many parents know how difficult it is to buy a good book for a child. Especially in a world where every minute is precious, and it is easy to make a mistake in the selection of literature.

A busy mom, unfortunately, usually has two options: or enter the first better marketby buying a book on the way to the bread stand or buy toddler literature online. Both solutions have, unfortunately, quite some disadvantages.

In the first case, it is easy to come across a low-quality product that is fearful to give to a child, and which is difficult to see carefully when the toddler is impatient and the shopping list reminds him of his duties. In the second one, we often agree to buy a pig in a poke. With a short description and the logo of the publishing house, books often get into virtual baskets, which after unpacking at home have ... only nice covers. Their interior, on the other hand, frightens, frightens with stupidity, hopelessness and trash, and even bloodshed and the sight of the main character killing or detoxifying rival.
Let's be an infamous example of a series of children's books from the Olesiejuk publishing house, especially "The Miraculous Lamp of Aladdin".

Let's quote from the publisher:

A fabulously colorful children's book tells about the adventures of Aladdin and his wonderful lamp. Beautiful pictures and an interesting text written in a language understandable for children, encourages young readers to make friends with books from an early age. The series also released the titles: About a Fisherman and a Gold Fish, Three Little Pigs, Tomcio Paluszek, The Brave Lead Soldier and A wonderful Aladdin lamp.

Unfortunately, every word in the description is not true. The book is colorful, but certainly not "fabulous". If we are counting on a fairy-tale world, what we will see after opening a small hardback booklet will definitely make us excited. It is said that tastes are not discussed, but the expression "beautiful pictures" is nothing to do with caricatured images straight from computer programs or cheesy stickers.

"Interesting text" in this case means a shoddy message by Katarzyna Dmowska. The moral is more like this: "if you have a knife, then kill the one who hurt you. If a rival appears, poison him. What counts is wealth and personal happiness. You have to strive for it. Even over the dead. "

The book is not even saved by the very character of the main character - otherwise quite nice in the original - Aladdin in the Olesiejuk publishing house is a depressing example of signs of commercialization, a lure that is supposed to make a parent buy a book and put it in the basket. The publisher recommends the book from an early age. It is better to leave it without comment for your own peace. Just like the fact that even the descriptions on the publisher's website are messy. Created using the "copy, paste" method, contain repetitions. What to expect? Probably only that the Publisher, noticing sales results, will eventually wake up and appreciate the youngest readers.

Price of the book - around 10 zlotys


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