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"Little genius - a beautiful child's mind"

"Little genius - a beautiful child's mind"

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When the child's development is harmonious, there is no need to support infants by showing contrasts. Of course, you can do this to spend time with your baby in an interesting, quite different way.

The book "Little genius" will be especially useful when, for medical reasons, it is recommended to support the development of the sense of sight. For other parents, it can be a suggestion for spending time remarkably.

How to use the book?

The booklet contains 12 boards. Each of the charts is described. It contains information on the black and white illustration, how to present it to a child and what benefits can be achieved in this way.

For whom?

The booklet has been prepared for babies over three months old. You can use it by spending active time with your little one while having fun, as well as place pictures within the child's sight.
However, in the latter case it is better to stay nearby, because the book has classic pages, rather than stiffened, which reduces its durability in contact with interesting fingers of an older infant.

The booklet was published by the Warsaw Publishing Company. It costs PLN 20. took the media patronage of the publication.