Babies learn words before they are born

Babies learn words before they are born

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We thought we knew everything about those 9 months of formation of the baby inside the womb, and yet ... surprise! Scientists have just shown that babies learn their first words even before being born ... amazing!

We already knew that it is good to talk to the baby a lot during pregnancy, that the baby listens, and that music, yes, music, is very beneficial for them: it relaxes or activates them ... Just like the mother's voice.

What we still did not know is that the brain of the baby in full development, inside the womb, is able to identify, recognize and memorize some words.

According to a study carried out by neuroscientists from the University of Helsinki (Finland), the fetus is able to recognize and identify sounds that come through the amniotic fluid. Of course: this happens only in the last weeks of gestation. What's more, the brain has been shown to evolve throughout pregnancy, and it is in the last trimester of pregnancy when the zone related to speech and sounds is activated.

To test their theory, scientists used sensors capable of measuring fetal brain activity by identifying a word they used to hear often. They re-measured this activity after birth, to see if they were able to activate the memory part of the brain. The conclusion: yes, just as they imagined, language is learned from the womb.

But it is not the first time that this intrauterine learning has been studied. In fact, more similar theories already existed. For example, the one that ensures that a baby is able to recognize a melody or song if you heard it repeatedly during pregnancy ... Or the one that states that the baby born with a predisposition to a language, the mother tongue, since it is the one that most listens to during pregnancy

The big question that arises is ... 'Well, it could be that the baby hears sounds in the womb, but ... how do the sounds come?

The study also looked at how sounds reach the fetus through amniotic fluid. They explained it this way: 'the sound reaches them as if you cover your mouth with your hand and try to speak... 'That is, a muffled sound.

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