Where really the cheapest?

Where really the cheapest?

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Save on shopping every week. Stay up to date, choose the best offers at the lowest prices. Don't be fooled by "apparent" promotions. For you, we compare the prices of products for children offered in several stores.


  • Bebiko baby milk in Carrefour for PLN 12.59.
  • Bobovita porridge for children in Carrefour 4 for the price of 3 (buying 4 packages for one we pay 4.42 PLN). In Tesco, however, the same porridge for PLN 6.99 instead of PLN 8.29 per packaging.
  • We will receive Nestle milk and rice porridge in Real for PLN 7.29.
  • Juice or nectar for children BoboFrut in Kaufland 300 ml in Kaufland for 2.22 PLN,
  • Hipp desserts of various types at Polo Market for PLN 4.59.
  • 2 × 190 g Bobovita lunch or soup at the Polo Market for PLN 7.49.

Hygienic products

  • We will get Pampers Sleep & Play diapers in Carrefour for PLN 28.49. We receive the same diapers available at Polo Market for PLN 28.99.
  • Pampers Mega Pack baby diapers in Real at PLN 79.45 (one diaper at PLN 0.53),
  • Gaga diapers at Tesco for PLN 24.99 instead of PLN 28.99.
  • Huggies Giga Pack diapers at Tesco for PLN 62.43 instead of PLN 89.19
  • washing powder Lovela in Carrefour for 1.8 kg we pay PLN 17.99,
  • Pampers wet wipes 1 pack in Kaufland we will receive for 5.79 PLN instead of 8.79 PLN. In contrast, Pampers handkerchiefs packed in six packages in Real for PLN 25.95.
  • Huggies wet wipes at Tesco for one pack 3.99 PLN instead of 7.99 PLN. However, in Polo Market the same wipes, however, in a 6-pack we will receive at a price of PLN 23.99.
  • Ziajka magical bubble bath in Polo-Market available at PLN 7.99 instead of PLN 9.99.
  • We will receive Ziajka tooth gel at Polo-Market for PLN 3.49 instead of PLN 3.99.

Toys and accessories

  • folding doll stroller (umbrella) in Kaufland for 29.99 PLN.
  • skateboard in Kaufland for PLN 49.99
  • wheelbarrow for children in Kaufland for 29.99 PLN
  • stroller in Net for PLN 209,
  • We will get a travel cot on wheels in Net price PLN 159
  • We will receive a sports water bottle in Net 300 ml for 8.99 PLN
  • a set of children's bedding different designs (size 100X135, 40 × 60) we get for PLN 44.99
  • we will receive a multifunctional bag and children's accessories at Net price PLN 49.99.
  • Cross-country bike at Carrefour for PLN 99
  • Little Tikes cuisine at Tesco for PLN 50.49 instead of PLN 202.49.
  • Tesco sandpit shell at PLN 29.99 instead of PLN 49.99.
  • Baby clowns in Real Madrid for PLN 17.99

Promotion time

Kaufland 04.04-10.04.2013
Net 02.04-07.04.2013
Carrefour 03.04-08.04.2013
Tesco 3.04-10.04.
Real 04-10.04.2013


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